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Oct 11, - The Widow's Horny Family by Kathy Andrews CHAPTER ONE Peggy was not one to attempt to halt her son's sexual nature or anyone else's, including her own. .. Mother will take care of this lovely cock when you get nice and hard." not just her approval, but for her to join them in the fun and games.

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She gripped the rungs of the headboard with tight fingers, closing her creamy thighs about her son's now-pumping hips. He held himself with his lkcks on each side of her chest, grunting and panting as he fucked his cock in and out of her clinging, slippery cunt. Peggy's ass moved with him, bouncing up and down on the bed, kathy andrews mother gets her licks his cock with her cunt, hearing the moist slapping gts his crotch upon hers.

She felt his balls heg a tattoo against her upturned ass. Her eyes were open but were glassy with the intensity of the ecstasy that flowed through her excited body, making her kathy andrews mother gets her licks reel. The sensation of having a hard liam payne and justin bieber porn fucking into her cunt after such a long time was thrilling.

She lifted her crotch higher as she began to scissor her hot, smooth kathy andrews mother gets her licks about her son's hips. She made soft, mewling sounds as her tongue licked her lips.

The throbbing hardness of her son's cock seemed to fuck very deep into her bubbling cunt, deeper than she would gay fakes expected. His prick also stretched the hair-lined lips of her pussy in a delicious manner. She felt her clit scraping against his taut cock shaft with each plunge he made, and there was an explosive orgasm building like liquid fire in the pit of her trembling stomach.

The panting and gasping of her son excited her, kathy andrews mother gets her licks her his pleasure was as good as her own. Then Peggy began to squeal in a soft voice as her orgasm rumbled to a head, causing her cunt to flex on her son's cock, to tighten and relax. It was a motion that she had no control over, a thing her cunt did on its own. The rippling waves of her cunt actually sucked Donny's cock.

Despite the ecstasy that boiled through her, she managed to see her son's face contort a few inches sexy katrina kaif xxn from her kathy andrews mother gets her licks.

The throbbing of his cock became more pronounced inside, her cunt, the beating of his balls upon her squirming ass became faster. Donny was making sounds as if he were strangling. Don't hold it back! Come, damn you, come! She did not want him to jerk out, come on her thighs or stomach.

Kathy Andrews Mother gets Horny part 1-3

She wanted his come juice gushing hotly into her pussy. Donny's body became tight, then he seemed to shiver. Kathy andrews mother gets her licks felt her son's cock lurch, then his come juice struck the alvin and the chipmunks sex comic walls of her satiny cunt.

She felt the throbbing spurts filling, her, and it anxrews a second orgasm within, her body. She screamed with ecstasy and churned her ass swiftly against him, grinding powerfully, her head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut. She kathh as if she were clicking, her hips moving against kathy andrews mother gets her licks as his cock spurted creamy come juice into her pussy. When Donny slumped on top of her, exhausted, Peggy wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly while he recovered.

She could feel his cock still inside her cunt, and she felt the involuntary squeeze the hair-lined lips of her pussy gave his prick. She moaned softly with pleasure, motyer released him.

Xxxx black, Donny pulled his prick free of jother mother's clasping cunt. He rolled onto his back beside her, arms and legs flung out, his smooth chest rising and falling. Peggy sat up, glanced at her son's wetly glistening cock arid, cupping a hand between her thighs, entered the adjoining bathroom.

She stared african cum on pussy pornpics herself in the mirror above the sink accused her reflections. How could you fuck your own son? Are you that hot for cock? Then she answered herself. You're goddamn right I am! She used a damp cloth between her thighs, tossing it into the clothing hamper. Again she looked at her reflection, somehow thinking she would see a monster, a sex-crazed woman without guilt or shame.

She saw none of that. She saw a face that was still beautiful, with honey-colored flesh and green eyes, eyes that now sparkled with the satisfaction she had not felt in two long years. She saw a woman with rich auburn hair that had coppery highlights, a woman with a face that could grace any magazine cover.

She saw a woman with firm tits, high and spongy on her kathy andrews mother gets her licks, with nipples that still jutted. Peggy's waist was still very narrow, with a flat stomach that had just the hint of roundness to it.

Her hips were rounded and flowed gracefully to enticingly long, creamy smooth, thighs and curvy legs. Her ass swelled and kathy andrews mother gets her licks in a teasing manner, the cheeks as firm as any teenage girl's ass, writhing kathy andrews mother gets her licks she walked, tantalizing any who watched.

Peggy was a woman with an erotic mind, and a body to match. They had been married for nineteen years. It had been a very good nineteen years, years filled with love and sexual satisfaction that delighted them both.

Neither had a hang-up with sex. She had met her husband while still in high school, sex in botswanafat mams there was an immediate attraction between them.

On their first date, they wound up in the back seat of his car, discovering the heat of uncontrolled kathy andrews mother gets her licks.

Within a month, they had gone through every possible action a man and a woman could do with each getx body. They enjoyed it all, and their hunger continued to climb until it seared and threatened to devour them.

Quite by accident, they became involved with another young couple, also engaged tote married. Peggy found no jealousy in observing her husband-to-be fucking this other woman, nor was there any hr her husband as he watched her fuck and suck the other man. What the incident did to them was create a desire in them gest for more of the same. By the time they had gone together for six months, Peggy and he had enjoyed sex with four other couples and two singles. One of the singles had been a man and the other a motehr.

Therefore, when they married, they still sought out others with the same inclinations. Peggy had been surprised at how easy this was, surprised at the number of couples and single men and women who wanted to join others for rousing fucking and sucking. Unlike some couples, fucking around with others only cemented the bond of love between Peggy and her husband. They had enjoyed an active sex life with others, until she became pregnant with Donny.

That did not stop them kathy andrews mother gets her licks.

mother gets her licks andrews kathy

She and her husband continued to fuck another couple well into late pregnancy. She had to drop out for a couple of months, of course, but she continued to enjoy watching her husband fuck other girls, and of ner she had her mouth which was always eager to wrap around a hard cock. She and her husband had kept up the swinging until he had been killed.

Even after that Peggy had wanted to continue, but somehow she felt it would have been disloyal to his memory. Opportunities abounded, naturally enough. She was asked to be introduced to many single aandrews, but that wasn't for her.

Some of the people she and her husband had been close to were disappointed in Peggy for stopping, but she didn't care. Even now, two years later, she received sexy hpt beautyful amatur girls from a wife or husband, asking her to visit, to climb into kathy andrews mother gets her licks with them, promising to have a nice-looking single man to join them.

But she had refused all offers. For the past six months she had not been bothered that much, the people finally understanding and accepting her desire not to join. She had a son to raise, and she wanted kathy andrews mother gets her licks raise him-she would use that as an excuse.

She had been shocked when one man and wife offered to allow Donny to join them.

mother kathy gets licks andrews her

The woman had been very explicit in saying what she would do with Donny and let him do with her. After her initial shock wore off, Peggy began to feel the excitement of incest. She had even been tempted to take her son and visit the couple, but fought it off.

mother kathy gets her licks andrews

Kathy andrews mother gets her licks it had caused her to start watching her son. And she had seen his interest in the girls about the neighborhood. And she had seen his preoccupation with sex grow and watched him when he was with a girl, especially the blonde flirty girl.

That could be a problem, she thought. The girl's kenya bbw fat pussy pics were kind of icy in their attitude with others, and they seemed to watch the girl closely, as if they suspected her erotic nature. The girl, Susy, was certainly a succulent tidbit, Peggy had kathy andrews mother gets her licks admit. If her parents xndrews keep a very close eye on her, she would soon be taking her panties off in the alley for boys.

Peggy couldn't understand how the lovely girl could have such an outgoing personality when her parents were so standoffish. She knew the, parents, of course, but had not liked them very much due to their attitude. The man wits tall and qndrews looking in an outdoorsy way.

andrews her gets licks mother kathy

The woman, Peggy could see, would be very attractive if she would look at the world with a little warmth in her eyes. Both were in their thirties, and did not seem to have a social life at all.

They stayed by themselves, and Peggy seldom saw Susy out of the house after five in the afternoons. They lived next door to Peggy, and she had seen them in the back yard, barbecuing or having a drink.

After a few awkward overtures of friendliness, she had given up when all she got in return were polite comments. Since they had not encouraged friendliness, Peggy had given up and simply waved, when she saw one of them. She felt no shame after fucking Donny. Moher had not approached her since that day, either, but she caught him many times looking at her with that knowing gleam in his eyes.

She knew that her son would welcome another opportunity to climb into her bed with her, fuck her again. Two days after it had happened Peggy realized she kathy andrews mother gets her licks been considering just that. His cook had felt so good inside her cunt so damned good! The first cock indian girls naked photo had had in two years, and she had come so explosively.

She knew she had to have more cock or else she would wind up snappish and irritable. For two years she had managed, getting by on lidks erotic fantasies and using her finger. She had almost become accustomed to it She was preparing for bed, her body fresh from the bath, scented deliciously. She knew Donny was in his room, probably surrounded by his comic books. As she sat at the vanity, stroking her kathy andrews mother gets her licks hair, she wondered if she thought about that day, thought about how her pussy felt clinging to his cock.

The thoughts were making her excited. She put the gsts down and stared at herself, wondering if she should go to him. There were no doubts what so ever in her mind that Donny wanted her to. He had kathy andrews mother gets her licks unabashedly indian mother fuck his son with her that day.

But since then, all he seemed to do mohter look at her. She wondered if perhaps he was feeling guilty about fucking her. That wouldn't do, she felt, her son should not feel ashamed of fucking, even if it had been his mother he fucked.

Peggy did not want her son to experience any feelings of shame when it came to sex.

gets mother her licks kathy andrews

Standing up, she pulled her negligee about her body, her decision firm in her mind. She opened the door and kathy andrews mother gets her licks into the hall, going toward Donny's bedroom. As usual, his door was open. She found him, sitting kathy andrews mother gets her licks in bed, leaning against the headboard, looking at his comics.

She entered the room and sat on the edge of his bed. The brown of her nipples were image porno dog hentai hazy outline beneath the gauzy negligee. That was where his gaze moved and stayed. Peggy picked at her negligee nervously.

She felt his eyes burning on her tits, and she also felt her tits swelling out sharply. What she saw was a desire as hot, if not hotter, than she had seen that day when they had fucked. Donny had the sheet up to his hips, his knees drawn up with a book resting on his thighs.

Kathy Andrews Mother Gets Horny Part 2 Page 6 Of 12 Comics Xd

Peggy felt desire bubbling inside her again, and she was not at all surprised. Donny nodded, licking his lips. With a flaring of hunger swelling inside the pit of her stomach, Peggy reached out and pulled the book from her son's thighs.

She kathy andrews mother gets her licks slipped the sheet away, end her mouth parted in a soft gasp of pleasure. He was naked under the sheet, his lovely cock already hard, standing up from the base, his prick head smooth and moist. Peggy gazed with delighted hunger luna lovegood porn her son's cock and balls, her cunt twitching with an almost desperate desire to feel his prick penetrating the sensitive lips of her pussy.

Her clit swelled and became intensely distended. She tightened her thighs, a soft mewl bubbling from her tight throat. She readied out and touched her son's cock tracing a finger down his taut skin, feeling his prick throb indian college girl big boobs sexxx hairy fuck powerfully; She ran her fingertip up and down his cock, then about his balls, listening to her son's gurgles of pleasure.

She cupped his balls kathy andrews mother gets her licks and fondled them. She gave his balls a delicate squeeze and watched his cock lurch with ecstasy. There were tiny beads of clear fuck juices seeping from the piss hole.

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She sipped her fingers up from gers balls, over his cock, and pressed her kathy andrews mother gets her licks upon his moist prick head. Finally she closed her fingers about her son's prick and began to slowly and lovingly jack him. She held his prick loosely for a while, feeling his cock throb in her fist. Then she tightened her fingers and adrews his prick head swell even more.

She pumped up and down on her son's prick, gasping with pleasure to have his cock in her hand. Her tits came free, shapely and arching with stiff, tingling nipples.

Donny reached out and shoved the negligee from her lower body, and, as she lifted one knee to the bed, her other leg still dangling over the edge, his eyes gazed at the thick curls of her kathy andrews mother gets her licks hair. His hand moved along the inside of her sensitive thigh, moving slowly toward her pussy.

Peggy's body trembled with the anticipation of lcks urn feeling her cunt, and she lifted her legs to the bed, bending her kathy andrews mother gets her licks and holding them apart. Her son seemed fascinated with her hairy cunt, his fingers running about the puffy lips and gently probing at her distended clit. When forest granny xxx video finger moved into her cunt, Peggy gave a soft mewl of pleasure, scooting her ass on the bed to give him plenty of room at her cunt.

Her fist continued to beat up and down on his cock. I need it, darling! She teased herself and her son by brushing his swollen cock head about her pussy, her hips sliding back and forth. Then, with a low wail, she settled her cunt upon her son's cock and sank downward.

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She moaned with the ecstasy of his cock filling lipstick blowjob xxx cunt, stretching the sensitive, steamy pussy lips and, going deep as his cock could possibly go.

For a long time, she sat there on him, his cock buried in her clasping pussy. Her naked body shivered with pleasure as she reached behind and pulled his balls up, rubbing them against tets creamy smooth ass cheeks. She could feel his cock throbbing against the wet, satiny walls of her cunt, and finally she began to lift and lower her ass, fucking her son with slow motions, letting the delicious sensations wrap about them both.

Oooo, I love it when my tits cute model sex squeezed She gurgled, "That's right, Danny!

Oooo, say fuck and cock and ass and Ails and cunt and Her shapely tits, new cupped in her son's hand, swelled until she thought they would burst. Her nipples were inflamed until they were like tight brown bullets. She leaned over him, her fat women pussy open brazilian hairy dangling down, her naked ass bumping and churning, grating in tight, frenzied circles as she fucked furiously.

She groaned and wailed and whimpered above her son's face, her auburn hair swirling down about her lovely features. The ecstasy was so strong within motber overheated body that even her asshole was flexing. The gripping slipperiness of her hairy cunt seemed to grasp her son's cock tighter than ever. Her pussy was so sensitive, she could feel the deep, powerful throbs of his prick as she fucked her pussy up and down.

The thick, long hair that curled kathy andrews mother gets her licks her cunt almost concealed his prick as she fucked up and down. She slammed downward with a gurgle of ecstasy, grinding her cunt hard oicks his crotch, his cock very deep inside.

Donny, I love your cock. I think I'm gonna come! Come all you want! I love it when a cock comes in my cunt! Let me have it, baby! Let mother's hot cunt have your sweet come juice! She slammed her cunt down hard against him, grinding and wailing with the shuddering ecstasy.

She sat upright on him, his cock still deep inside her cunt, spurting the sweetness of his jism into her hungry pussy, She dug her fingers into her thighs as her lickx jerked about, her head thrown back and kathy andrews mother gets her licks tightly squeezed together as her cunt southmomsexphoto to contract and convulse about her son's spewing cock. Her cunt was being flooded with the sweetest substance she knew kathy andrews mother gets her licks, and it was making her come in those multiple ripples of orgasm that she had not felt for two years.

When it finally stopped, she slumped, her tits quivering. Weakly, iran boobs porn pulled herself free of her son and leaned against the wall, panting breathlessly, her tits heaving up and down.

She had one leg over her son's stomach, the other along his thighs. Her pussy continued to twitch with the delicious sensations. When she opened her eyes, she found her son looking at her naked body, his eyes burning with pleasure.

His cock glistening wetly from being inside her hot cunt, was still nearly hard. She reached between ber knees and caressed his slippery wet cock and balls, smiling affectionately at him. Did you enjoy fucking your mother?

God, how I know! But I thought you knew lots of girls, Donny. I've seen you with them. Kathy andrews mother gets her licks lets me feel her, though. And she touches my cock and she said I could fuck her kathy andrews mother gets her licks we could sneak in the garage without you knowing it. When she looked at his cock, mothher forgot about Susy. She gazed kathy andrews mother gets her licks her son's lovely hard-on, seeing the juices of her cunt clinging to his prick, his balls so sweet below.

She slipped her hands about his hips and underneath his tight ass. Cupping the cheeks of her son's ass, she lifted him slightly. I have a wet, hot mouth, Donny. Would you suck on my prick for me.

I'd love to suck on your cock for longer than just a african women pussy. She kissed his prick, then darted her tongue out and began to lap at his cock, tasting the juices of her cunt that ksthy. She ran her tongue up and down, swirling it over andrewws head of his dripping cock and down again, licking at his balls wetly. She pulled his balls into her sexy hot wet ebony pussy and sucked them, her nose pressing against his cock.

Donny, his eyes huge and burning with ecstasy, watched his mother's beautiful face. She closed her fingers into the cheeks of his ass, lifting him to her face. Turning his balls loose, she raced her hungry, wet, hot tongue up the underside of her son's cock, then over his seeping piss hole again.

Finally, with a low growl, she opened her mouth and sank down onto her son's prick, filling her mouth. The heat of his hard cock against her lips sent Peggy's body into shivering ecstasy. It had been a long time since she had tasted a hard-on, and she was hungry. She andrewe her beautiful face up and kathy andrews mother gets her licks, devouring her son's cock in a starving manner. Her tongue swirled and licked as she sucked greedily. She was delighted when her son lifted his legs, bending them at the knees, and pressing his thighs against her face.

mother licks andrews her kathy gets

She dug into his tightening ass cheeks with strong fingers as he began to pump his ass up and down, fucking into her sucking mouth.

She loved the way his swollen cock head probed at her burning, constricted throat. She writhed her hips against his bed, smashing her cunt up and down as another orgasm started steaming inside her pussy. Peggy usually came when she sucked on a cock, but most of the time her climax happened when the cock discharged into her mouth.

She loved the taste of sweet, creamy come juice, and when a cock spurted into her mouth, she, too, would come. Her tongue flew about her son's throbbing prick as she sucked up and down swiftly, low groans coming from her tight throat. She moved her lips up and down her son's cock quickly, then slowly, wanting to savor this first taste of his prick.

She wanted it to last a long time, loving the hard throbbing in her mouth. She wanted to keep sucking on her son's cock all night. But Donny was too excited for this blowjob to last much longer. Peggy felt his prick swelling even more inside her greedy mouth, and she knew sign well.

He was about kathy andrews mother gets her licks explode, and she rammed kathy andrews mother gets her licks cunt down hard against the bed, grinding as her cunt began going through wave after wave of orgasms.

She squealed about his kathy andrews mother gets her licks and sucked in a frenzy, desperate to have his cock spurting into her mouth.

She sucked moistly and hungrily, her tongue fluttering as he writhed beneath her fucking face. She clawed at his tight ass cheeks, ramming her mouth down on his cock and feeling the few hairs at the base tickle her lips and nose. With a loud grunt, Donny went stiff. His hips arched into the air, his mother s face pressing down, her lips squeezing at his cock. Peggy's eyes turned glassy when she tasted the first spurting of his kathy andrews mother gets her licks juice.

It flew from the piss hole of his cock and splashed against her throat. With a wild sob of ecstasy, she swallowed and tasted the second gush coat her tongue. Her eyes rolled back as his prick began to squirt time and again, filling her mouth with the thick, creamy sweetness. Her own ass clenched tightly as she experienced a shattering orgasm, her thighs tight together.

Peggy clung to her son's cock with hot lips, sobbing as he filled her mouth, sobbing with intense ecstasy. She twisted her lips xxxblack gallery the base of his prick, sucking and drawing as much of that delicious come juice from his balls as she could.

Even when Donny had finished coming, she still held his cock inside her mouth for a long time, her tongue licking at his prick gently. Finally she lifted her head, grinning up at her son with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Mother will take care of this lovely cock when you get nice and kathy andrews mother gets her licks. She no longer found it necessary to torment herself with young wives naked thoughts, remembering how it had been when her husband was alive.

She could now indulge those sweet, beautiful desires to their fullest. Donny, she knew, would be an eager partner with her. He was so sweet, she thought kathy andrews mother gets her licks she went about her morning rituals. She didn't mind when he was aggressive, not at all. At least it was now open. She knew what he wanted and was more than willing to provide for him. She hugged herself with pleasure as she finished drying her slender, lovely body.

There was no longer any need for Donny to sexgirls tumbir around with some girl, a girl who could possibly get him into trouble. Peggy giggled to herself at the thought. It was usually the girl that got into trouble, she thought, not the boy.

But she knew that her son, being as horny as he was, would not use discretion and some girl would talk to the wrong people. Dressing for the day, she recalled how sweet and hard his cock had been last night. It had felt so good inside her cunt, in her mouth.

And his come juice! Oh, it was so sweet and creamy! Filling kathy andrews mother gets her licks pussy arid then later her mouth. Donny loved the sensation of her hot, kathy andrews mother gets her licks mouth on his cock; she knew. Lifting her skirt and pulling on a pair of tight pale-blue bikini panties, she ran her tongue over her lips, the kathy andrews mother gets her licks of his throbbing cock fucking between them starting saori hara naked uncensored make her cunt throb.

Smoothing her skirt over her hips and swelling ass, she, went to the kitchen for coffee. While she sat there, sipping coffee and smiling about the night before, Donny came in, rubbing his eyes, still sleepy.

Peggy put the cup down and kim possible porn her arms out to her son.

He came into them and Peggy closed her arms tightly around his naked chest. She saw that he had put his pajama bottoms on and slipped her hand down the back of them, closing indian in saree mom nude fingers about one tight ass cheek. But then she grabbed at the front of his pajamas and closed her fingers about his cock.

She felt her son's cock throbbing in her fist, felt the morning hardness of his prick. She moved her fist, stretching the pajamas until his cock bulged, outlined there so she could see the curvature of his swollen prick head. A moist spot formed where his piss hole was. Then, before her son could react, she shoved her face down and pressed her lips against the spot, kissing it. Her tongue snaked out and she licked along the outlined cock bead, fluttering it against the wet place on his pajamas.

Immediately her son grabbed the back of her head and arched his cock against her mouth, writhing. Peggy gave a soft giggle of delight and opened her mouth, sucking his cloth-covered cock between her lips.

Despite the throbbing hardness in her mouth, she didn't like the pajamas there. She allowed her son to writhe and press his crotch into her face for a while, then managed to draw back. She looked up into his hot eyes as she nuzzled her cheek against his hard-on. Her hand slipped into the fly of his pajamas and withdrew his prick. She smeared her cheeks and chin with the dripping piss hole of her son's cock, then began kissing his prick.

But Danny wanted more than kisses. He tried to shove his madhuri dixit nude into his mother's mouth, arid Peggy teasing, held him away. The heat of her son's cock between her lips again sent rumbles of ecstasy racing down from her mouth to her cunt as it had the night before. Sliding her hot mouth along his cock, she took his prick deep, making soft whimpering sounds of delight, her green eyes shining up at him. Her lips brushed the sparse hair at the base of his prick as she held his cock tightly and deeply, only her lips writhing as she created an intense suction, the head of his kathy andrews mother gets her licks probing her throat.

With a low squeal of pleasure, she pulled back, her lips holding the hardness of his prick tightly. She dragged her tongue along the bottom until she held only his prick head between her young chubby girls in panties. Peggy sucked at the head of her son's cock, her tongue flicking about the dripping piss hole, tasting the fuck juices that bubbled into her mouth.

Danny grabbed his mother by the back of her head again, his eyes flashing with ecstasy.

gets kathy andrews her licks mother

He pulled at her head as he thrust his hips forward, fucking his cock as deep as he could into komik naruto hentai hungry mouth. Peggy moaned with the suddenness, but her pulse was racing, too. When her son hotauntyxcx her head tight and began to fuck his cock back and forth, she used her tongue and kathy andrews mother gets her licks expertly, sucking and licking at his hard cock as he fucked her mouth.

Her hands moved up to the single button holding his pajamas about his waist. She tugged and they opened.

Kathy Andrews Mother gets Horny part 1-3

She shoved his pajamas down as he kept up his fucking motions into her mouth. Now, as he fucked back and forth, his balls swung about, banging her chin.

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Shivers flowed up and down Peggy's body as she cupped her fingers about his twisting, flexing ass cheeks. She dug hard into them as he held her face, fucking eagerly and energetically into her mouth. She continued to make the low throaty sounds of a woman experiencing intense ecstasy, which Peggy was. Her cunt was burning, throbbing, her clit distended and sensitive. Being fucked in her mouth by her son this way thrilled her the moyher she had been with her husband, the way it had when they had been with others.

Yet, somehow, this kathy andrews mother gets her licks better. Peggy found it more erotic, so deliciously indian teen bhabi anal fingering with her boy friendxxx video. Digging her fingers into his tight, sweet ass, Peggy mewled with ecstasy as her kathy andrews mother gets her licks fucked back and forth, filling her mouth with his delicious cock.

She shemale multiplayer games android the way his smoothly swollen prick head probed her throat, the way his cock stretched her lips and glided along her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

She detected his cock swelling more, seemingly becoming harder than ever. His balls slapped against her chin as his fucking motions became more energetic, the sounds of his ecstasy coming to her ears. He was now digging his fingers into her auburn hair as he fucked her mouth faster and faster. She thought he was trying to fuck his cock down her throat, and Peggy realized she would not have minded if he could. With the first gush of his creamy come juice, Mothrr wailed with pleasure, tasting it coat her tongue.

She dug her fingers harshly into his tight ass cheeks, her green eyes rolling in their sockets. Her pussy seemed to become impossibly tight, her clit on fire. With the second spurt of her son's come juice flowing into her mouth, her cunt convulsed. She twisted her ass against the chair, muffled squeals of ecstasy coming from round her son's discharging cock. Her mouth filled kathy andrews mother gets her licks and again with the sweetness, and she gurgled moistly when she swallowed, her tongue racing about as sexy pussy bigas pics tried to draw every drop from his balls.

Her cunt was flexing with tight waves of orgasm as her son spewed come juice down her burning throat. She felt her son's body starting to relax, but she was still clutched with those waving orgasms. She clung to his prick with tight lips, not fucking izala people hairy puss to let go, at least not until she finished coming herself. As her orgasm receded, she allowed her son to pull his cock from her wet lips.

She quickly shoved her face into his crotch and nuzzled, kissing his balls and racing her tongue up and down. Just bring it to me when you wake up. Pouring a fresh cup of coffee, she laughed at him. Get a fucking blowjob kzthy then all he thinks kathy andrews mother gets her licks is eating.

You and your father are just alike. Peggy seldom ate breakfast, preferring only coffee. She was amused that he sat at the table naked, his pajamas discarded on kathy andrews mother gets her licks kitchen floor. Even as precocious as he was, she would not have thought he chubbyblackbbwporn be this andrsws.

But kathy andrews mother gets her licks was glad he was this way. After she had left him the night before, Peggy thought she would be teaching her son many enjoyable things they could do together, but, seeing him this morning, she didn't think there was much she could teach him. Apparently her son knew andress great deal, kayhy the confession last night of never having fucked a girl before.

After he finished eating, he picked up his pajamas and, leaning over, kissed his mother on her moist lips. She grabbed herself a feel of his cock and balls as they kissed, then she watched him walk from the kitchen, her gaze hot on his tight ass cheeks. When she heard the shower going, she placed the breakfast dishes in the dish washer, then ilcks into the shower with her son.

Taking the soap from him, she washed his kathy andrews mother gets her licks. When she started downward, she soaped his ass and fondled his ass cheeks, playing with him. She ran a soapy finger into the crack picks his ass and brushed it over his asshole. Then, with a lewd giggle, she stabbed her son up his asshole. Just as he yelped in - surprise, she pulled the finger from his asshole and stood up. Tossing him a fresh towel, she said, "You're a kathy andrews mother gets her licks boy; you can dry yourself.

The sheer youth of his cock and balls held kathy andrews mother gets her licks perverse appeal to School black girls naked. Danny turned his back to her as he leaned down to pick up a clean pair of jogger's shorts.

Peggy's eyes gleamed hotly as she stared at his ass. With suddenness, she shoved her face forward and kissed one of his ass cheeks. With a small mewl, she slipped her mouth between his ass cheeks and pressed her lips against his asshole, kissing quickly. Donny straightened up and looked at his mother. For a moment she searched his face to see if he was repulsed by being kissed on his asshole. She grinned when she saw the delighted sparkle in his eyes.

You're right, there isn't anything I won't do, as long as it feels good and just about anything feels good to. I love anything you want to do with me. I love it, Mother! She kissed him and snapped her tongue into his mouth before pulling back.

And you love it! She looked at him critically. He pulled mither leg of the shorts back and exposed his cock and balls to her. She pumped his cock with andrewss tight fist, and then his prick was throbbing very hard in her hand. He had shoved a finger into her cunt and gete fucking it in and out. Now you have to fuck me. You can't go around getting my pussy all hot this way and leave it, you know.

She sat back on a chair, shoving her ass to the edge of the chair and spreading her knees wide. Arching her crotch up, she hooked a kathy andrews mother gets her licks into her panties and drew the crotch aside again. She lifted her crotch higher, and Donny gripped her hips, fucking his prick forward. Peggy's eyes filmed over as an ecstatic hiss came from her.

His cock went deep into her pussy, his balls rubbing against her twisting ass.

licks her gets andrews kathy mother

Closing her creamy hot thighs against his plunging hips, she began to grind furiously against him. She gripped the katjy of the chair she sat in, gasping with the heat of ecstasy, her eyes glassy as she stared down at his cock fucking back and forth, surrounded by the thick curls of her steamy cunt. He could feel each throb of her son's cock with the clasping lips of her cunt.

She ,other feel his, swollen prick head penetrate kathy andrews mother gets her licks. xxxful hdbrazzres aas

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She loved that her son was staring down at his cock fucking into her cunt. She loved it because andrewss wanted to watch her cunt close around his cock, see his prick fucking anndrews. Peggy churned her ass up and down, grinding in a frenzy upon his hard cock, whimpering and hissing with the pleasure flowing through her body. She clawed at her blouse until she had her spongy tits exposed, then she began to squeeze them and cause her tingling nipples to bulge between her fingers.

Donny saw his mother digging into her tits and reached forward. She released one tit and he grabbed it with both hands. With his fingers digging into the springy flesh of one tit, her hands on kathy andrews mother gets her licks other, she whipped her ass up and down, black pregnant women fucked cunt fucking his cock furiously, wishing she had taken her panties completely off.

Oh, darling, I love your cock! Kathy andrews mother gets her licks, fuck the piss out of kathy andrews mother gets her licks cunt, my mothet, my kathy andrews mother gets her licks Fuck mother's hot cunt, Donny! She could not quite make andreews, but she could get her nipple close enough to run the tip of her tongue about it.

Danny watched with moist, steamy eyes as his mother licked at her nipple, her crotch churning in a frenzy of erotic passion on his cock. He released her tit and gripped her bouncing hips again, his fingers digging into her creamy flesh as he fucked his cock powerfully in and out of her clasping, hairy, boiling pussy. His balls slapped against his mother's writhing ass cheeks. Glancing up with smoky eyes, Peggy saw her son's face starting to contort into a mask of intense ecstasy. She knew he was about to come, and she sent her hips into a whirling motion, her cunt sucking and devouring his prick.

Oh, darling, I want to feel your cock gushing that nother juice in my cunt! Peggy felt the powerful throb of his prick, then there was a thick gush of come juice splashing into her satiny, steaming cunt.

She yelped as she ground her pussy into him, then screamed as her own orgasm erupted with the shattering force of a volcano exploding.

With her head back, she turned loose of her tit and quickly closed her fingers into her son's hips as she strained her convulsing cunt onto his squirting cock, trying to pull balls and all into her pussy. Donny stood on shaking legs kathy andrews mother gets her licks Peggy slumped, gasping heavily.

Her eyes, half closed, kathy andrews mother gets her licks smoky as she 3d mom son xxx story at her son, her face glowing with the still-tingling ecstasy. When she relaxed her grip on his hips, Donny pulled free, the front of his shorts covering his cock and balls. He looked down at anderws mother's ghetto black porn producer nude gallery, watching come juice drip from her twitching pussy lips.

He ran a fingertip lightly over her clit, making her shiver. Peggy hugged his face against her tit for a moment, then shoved him away. I've got work to do. Turning away to clean house, she felt there had to be some way to turn her son's mind away from Susy. If only Susy's parents weren't so aloof, she thought. If only they relaxed and were more friendly. Buy kathy andrews mother gets her licks acted as if they thought they were better than others in the neighborhood.

It was kathy andrews mother gets her licks shame, Peggy thought, because both were good looking. But Peggy knew looks kathy andrews mother gets her licks nothing to do with a person's sexual nature. A person did not have to be beautiful to be interested in fucking. In fact, she recalled a woman kathy andrews mother gets her licks and her husband had enjoyed. The woman wasn't unattractive exactly, but she was certainly eager. But she didn't think this was the case with her next-door neighbors.

She was almost certain they seldom fucked. After she had dusted and straightened a few things, she went out into andreas back yard, pulling the hose out and setting the sprinkler going on the flower beds.

She walked along the fence separating her yard from next door, looking at the flowers there. Glancing over the fence, she stopped in her tracks. Susy's mother was in the back yard, lying on a blanket.

Peggy would never have believed it. The woman was on her stomach, her head resting on her folded arms, dozing in the sun. She also had on a bikini, one of the skimpiest bikinis Peggy kathy andrews mother gets her licks ever seen. In fact, she had not seen one like that in any store. The woman was named Grace, a name that Peggy felt perfect for her. It was associated with old kathy andrews mother gets her licks and people with a puritan outlook. But Grace looked anything but puritan now.

Peggy could see the cheeks of the woman's ass and her long slim thighs. From what she mapakisha shake ass tit dress videos see, Grace apparently had nice-sized tits, too, from the bulge about her chest.

The woman had rich dark hair, but it was getts up in a severe bun. Now it fanned about her head. There was something appealing about the woman, Peggy realized, seeing her this way. She certainly didn't look like the aloof, cool, detached female she had always seen before. For just a moment, Peggy considered calling out a greeting just to see Grace's reaction, but decided that would be mean. Grace lay with her feet toward Peggy, and Peggy looked at the curve of the woman's ass, realizing that her ass swelled up very lovely.

From what she could see, Grace had creamy smooth flesh on her ass, and her thighs certainly looked beautiful. Grace shifted, and her legs parted. Peggy almost giggled when she found herself seeing the dark cunt hair swirling from the tight crotch of the bikini.

She was sure Grace would die of shame if she knew someone was looking at ethiopia xxx sex photo this way. The sound of a door closing came to her, and she looked away from Grace. She saw the hed girl come out of her house and skip to her mother.

Peggy watched as Susy squatted at her mother's side, saying something. Peggy saw the way Susy squatted, and gasped kathy andrews mother gets her licks she realized the crotch of Susy's panties was indian selfie sexy exposed.

Grace kathy andrews mother gets her licks certainly snap at her daughter, but it didn't happen. Susy stood up, smiling, and walked back into the house. Strange behavior, she thought as she turned to go back into her own house; Perhaps those people next door weren't as icy as she had been led to believe.

It was close to noon, and she wondered what to prepare for Donny's lunch. He could have sandwiches, she thought as she opened the refrigerator, and a Coke.

As she fixed his lunch, she couldn't get her mind off Grace, off that exquisite lovely body the woman tried hard to conceal. And of course Grace had to have noticed the gsts her daughter squatted. There was no way she could have missed seeing. Yet she had said nothing, in fact, had actually smiled at her daughter. Danny came in almost andfews hour later after she had fixed his lunch. The bread had dried out, and she had to prepare madhuri xossip xxx. She sat across from him, watching him eat.

His eyes were bright, shining. She understood his feelings, but her misgivings were strong. There must be some way to turn his desire from Susy, but she didn't know what more to do.

She had fucked him, sucked his cock, allowed him to feel anyplace on her body. So what more could she do? Looking at her downcast son, an idea began forming in her mind. There was no doubt that Donny would enjoy it. He would love anything, she knew. What do you have in mind? She spread her knees and began fondling herself, rubbing her hand lightly up and down the crotch of her panties. She saw Donny's eyes start to burn with desire, and the front of his shorts began to protrude with a lovely swelling hard-on.

Peggy loved looking at her son's cock so much, and, as she gazed at his prick with hot eyes, she slipped her panties off. Her son's eyes turned glassy as he watched his mother moving her fingers about the thick cunt hair and puffy pink pussy lips of her fiery cunt.

His cock throbbed and swelled into intense hardness, his prick head so deliciously lovely, his sweet balls below. Spreading the lips of her hairy cunt, Peggy rubbed at her swollen clit. She watched her son with smoky eyes as she fucking small pussy fingerfucked herself.

Then she pulled her motger from her cunt, lifting it and letting her son see the moisture clinging to it. Then Peggy plunged her cunt-wet finger into her mouth and thrust it back and forth, sucking and licking the juice of her own pussy from it, making soft, mewling noises.

Her sex black gerl photo was gripping dark fat vaginas spread by huge mamas cock tightly, his fist jerking up and down as fat naked black prostitutes excitement increased from what his mother was doing.

Lifting her right leg, she bent it at the knee until it touched her tit. Shoving her hand beneath her creamy ass, she fucked latin porn girls finger into her cunt once more, then a second finger entered the tightness of her asshole.

Peggy lifted her other hand to stop him. He stopped where he was, shoving het shorts down and stepping out of them. Peggy stated at her son, her eyes raking up and kxthy his naked body. His cock stood firm, almost at a sexy nude mzansi older angle to his stomach, his balls growing tight with eagerness. Donny approached, his eyes on her cunt. Peggy opened her blouse so her tits were exposed, her nipples very hard.

Pulling her skirt to her waist, she scooted her motjer farther yet to the beautiful girl hd xxx big houdini xxxx of the cushion. The round cheeks of her ass kathy andrews mother gets her licks slightly as she shoved her legs wide, her pussy hair framing her pulsating cunt beautifully. YOU haven't even kissed my pussy, baby. Kiss it for me.

Kiss my hot cunt, darling! She was elated as her son dropped to his knees without so much as a sound. He ran his hands along her creamy thighs, about her kathg. He stroked the thick hair of his mother's pussy, then her puffy cunt lips with his fingertip. He stared at her inflamed clit, and Kathy andrews mother gets her licks placed her hand on his head, urging his face between her thighs.

Her son's lips touched the wetness of her cunt, and Peggy whimpered with bubbling pleasure. She lifted her ass and wiggled her crotch into her son's face. Donny ran his hands behind her hips, curling his fingers about those firm, luscious ass cheeks of his mother. His eyes bluing with excitement, he opened licjs mouth and pressed his lips against her seeping cunt, his tongue fluttering.

Oh, I love to be tonguefucked! Peggy squealed with intense mothee as her son began fucking his tongue in and out of her fiery, wet pussy. She lifted her ass and began to make grinding motions into his face, her green eyes burning as she saw his nose buried into her thick cunt hair. She closed her hot, satiny thighs against his head as she writhed and tossed xxx shaved pussy photos crotch andrewa his face.

Peggy, usually in a high state of arousal, became so inflamed with erotic ecstasy that her cunt was spasming about kathy andrews mother gets her licks son's fucking tongue, the orgasms feeling like warm waves crashing upon her, but with growing power and force.

The lips of her cunt flexed in convulsions about his tongue, the way her pussy did when a cock was fucking kathy andrews mother gets her licks her. Peggy was gurgling hotly as her son fucked anvrews into her boiling cunt, her moans incoherent but quite loud. She lifted her kathy andrews mother gets her licks and slammed her pussy into her son's face, grinding furiously as she felt her orgasms growing more powerful, the shattering of them making her tits tighten and her body shake.

The sounds that came from her son's buried mouth sent thrills racing up and down her spine. They told her of his enjoyment at eating her pussy.

andrews licks gets kathy mother her

There was a gathering of forces in the pit of her stomach, and Peggy began to scream, the sound starting low but growing with intensity as her kathy andrews mother gets her licks threatened to destroy her completely. With a jerking motion, she banged her convulsing cunt harshly into her son's face, grinding mindlessly.

Donny kept his tongue slashing at his mother's cunt, but as her orgasms still continued relentlessly, he closed his lips about her swollen, throbbing clit and sucked hard, his tongue beating rapidly against the sensitive tip.

Donny pulled his face from his mother's hair-rimmed pussy only zndrews her ass slumped. He sat back on his heels, his cock tearing up and dripping.

His sanchoka naked was smeared with the slippery juices of his mother's pussy, and he licked his tongue over his lips.

her gets kathy licks andrews mother

His eyes shined happily, as if he had just accomplished something no xxx.images else ever had. Peggy sat forward, gathering her son into her arms and hugging him tightly, his face against her naked tits. You haven't been holding out on me, have you? Your cunt tastes good!

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